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'Re: [IPCop-devel] Modifications to startup scripts (V1 [prev in list] [next in list] [prev in thread] [next in thread] List: ipcop-devel Subject: Re: [IPCop-devel] Modifications to startup scripts (V1.3b2) From: jackb guppy ! us Date: 2003-03-29 5:52:31 [Download RAW message or body] I have done some thing like this with TWO IPCops -- … Using a virtual appliance as Internet gateway.. |VMware Hi all, I am trying to implement a virtual machine that works as an internet gateway for my network. I have tryied ipcops and Squid. but cannot make it work, this is the scenario Host OS . Windows XP with 2 NIC´s. Internet nic with Public IP. Lan nic with and ICS Guest: Advanced QoS for IPCop/HFSC - Wikibooks, open books for an

i am currently replacing 35 IPcops with pfsense. during the transition i have had to experiment with various configuration options. the best configuration i have come up with is to use the default IPcop vpn settings with compressio off and PFS=yes. i went with 3DES and used lifetime settings of 3600 and 28800 respectively.

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After you get everything up and running, plug each VM into its own sites LAN to configure IPCOP. You will need to configure the Firewall and some IPSEC tunnels.

By implementing existing technology, outstanding new technology and secure programming practices IPCop is the Linux Distribution for those wanting to keep their computers/networks safe. The IPCop Linux Team is dedicated to doing the very best job possible to keep your systems safe, as you can see on our site. "The Bad Packets Stop Here!" IPCOPS05 Combinaison short, fluide et agréable, larges bretelles, 2 poches, smocké à la taille avec lien ajustable. 100% Polyester. 2 tailles: S/M ( 36/38 ) L/XL ( 40/42 ) The Perfect Linux Firewall Part I -- IPCop The Perfect Linux Firewall Part I -- IPCop ::What is IPCopThe IPCop project is a GNU/Linux GPL project that offers an exceptional feature packed stand The 15+ Linux Firewall Software For Protecting Your Linux