slide 2: • Enter your router’s default IP address in your browser’s address bar. Note: First try or If those IP addresses do not work see one of the following topics: o Finding your IP address without using the command prompt • Try connecting to your router in a different way.

A network "connection" does not have an IP address; a network interface does. Apparently, your "my ps4" has two network interfaces, one wired (Ethernet), and one wireless. Address Reservation reserves a particular IP address to be associated with a particular MAC address. Normally, every network interface in R6080 | WiFi Router | NETGEAR Support NETGEAR ProSupport for Business. NETGEAR ProSupport for Business services are available to supplement your technical support and warranty entitlements. NETGEAR offers a variety of ProSupport for Business services that allow you to access NETGEAR's expertise in a way that best meets your needs: Product Installation; Professional Wireless Site Survey Powerline Wifi 1000 - Not finding IP address - NETGEAR Powerline Wifi 1000 - Not finding IP address This is the second chance I've given this Netgear extender to have a stronger wifi signal to my detached garage. I connected the adapters as directed by the manual to my Nighthawk router and when I go to my firestick in my garage I see the signal strength is now very good but after entering in the ReadyNAS 204 shows "No IP Address" - NETGEAR Communities

Home; Netgear; WNDR4300; Default settings of the Netgear WNDR4300. Here you can find the default IP address and the username and password for the user interface of the Netgear WNDR4300 N750 WiFi Dual Band router. This site also contains information about the preconfigured Wi-Fi settings of the device. In the bottom part of this website, you will find a manual for accessing the user interface

If I select Home Network only it is the same as if I had selected Auto I have an internet connection but my IP address is not updated. I have changed my computer to use OpenDNS with no success. So far Netgear has not replied to my ticket. I also contacted Tunnelblick who said it is a Netgear problem. Logs attached. Solved: Devices on VLAN do not get IP from DHCP - NETGEAR

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