Jul 23, 2020

The university offers three main wireless services to the GW community: GWireless is the primary wireless service for GW students, faculty, and staff. Eduroam is a global wireless network available for GW and members of participating institutions. GWConnect is the primary wireless service for GW visitors and guests. VPN Access These pages provide VPN configurations for unmanaged devices (e.g. research devices, personal computers). In order to use the VPN on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you need to download the appropriate VPN client or university VPN profile to your device. At the University of Maryland, you’re required to connect to specific VPN networks when accessing the Kuali Financial System and Warehouse on the Web. Additionally, some UMD library resources require a VPN connection for access from off-campus. Many tools do not require a VPN connection to access them. For example, Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Box, Outlook, and O365 apps. Connecting with AnyConnect. Open Cisco AnyConnect (Start > Cisco > AnyConnect) Enter vpn.wustl.edu/business. After you connect for the first time, the dropdown list will be updated with two options: Notes: If you experience any network connectivity problems with other applications after you connect to Georgetown AnyConnect, just restart the applications. All Georgetown VPN users are required to enroll in Georgetown Duo in order to connect to the VPN. Open Georgetown AnyConnect by double-clicking on the program icon (shortcut) on your Desktop, or selecting the program from […]

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Husky OnNet (BIG-IP Edge Client) — UW Libraries Husky OnNet is provided by UW IT to provide a secure temporary connection to the UW network from off-campus locations and can be used as an alternative to the Libraries off-campus proxy service for connecting to UW subscription resources.. Note: There may be performance or privacy considerations when using Husky OnNet configured to route "All Internet Traffic" through the University of Department of Pediatrics | University of Washington

VPN allows you to connect to University resources requiring a secure Washington University network connection to access. You must haveWUSTL 2FA enabled for your account in order to use VPN. For more information, see it.wustl.edu/2fa You will need to be granted access to use VPN.

VPN Required | Information Technologies To be provided with secure access to the University’s resources a user will need a virtual private network (VPN) connection. It is a connection between your off-campus computer and the University network. More information about VPN is located here. Office 365 Migration