Click the Library button , click History and then click Clear Recent History…. Select how much history you want to clear: Click the drop-down menu next to Time range to clear to choose how much of your history Firefox will clear (the last hour, the last two hours, the last four hours, the current day or everything). May 09, 2020 · Clear Cookies, History, Cache and Browsing Data in Maxthon Browser. Open new version of website and get updated content. Make Browser Faster Other than browser history, it also allows you to clear Windows history and Application history. Windows History: Here, you can clear recent document list, Windows search history, files, and folders history, start menu open programs history, clear clipboard data, etc. Jan 02, 2020 · How to clear your browsing history. Here’s the step-by-step process to delete browser history, no matter which browser you use. But there’s one thing you should note before you get started: in most of these cases, you’ll need to decide how much of your history you’d like to delete. How far back in time do you want to go?

Jun 14, 2018 · Click Clear Browsing History. For a more detailed explanation, please visit our How to Clear Cache and Browsing History in Chrome tutorial. Mozilla Firefox. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner (it looks like three horizontal bars), click on the History button, and then click Clear Recent History.

To clear cache in Chrome: Click to customize and control chrome (this is just below the X in the red box where you would close your web browser) Choose ‘History’ A box will open to the side, choose ‘history’ again; This will open a new window; On the left, you will see ‘clear browsing data’ Click ‘clear browsing data’ Clear-History deletes the command history from a PowerShell session. Each PowerShell session has its own command history. To display the command history, use the Get-History cmdlet. By default, Clear-History deletes the entire command history from a PowerShell session. You can use parameters with Clear-History to delete selected commands.

Jul 04, 2018 · And clearing the history in your web browser doesn’t touch the history stored on Bing itself, which likely comes from multiple devices you use. You can clear that history, though. Before we get too far into it, you should know that most major search engines and social sites store results like this—it’s not just a Bing thing.

Sep 07, 2017 · Almost all the popular browsers have this auto clear browser history as soon you exit the browser. Here is how to do auto clear browsing history in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft edge. How to Auto Clear Browser History in Chrome. Step 1 – Click on three dots at the top right of the chrome browser. Step 2 – Now, click on settings