Jan 03, 2012

Shorewall Firewall - Wiki 1 Shorewall provides a front-end to iptables.; 2 Shorewall is a large application which handles the following Jobs:; 3 Versions of Shorewall; 4 Setup & Installation of Shorewall - Version 3.X. 4.1 Location of Default Shorewall Files; 4.2 Copy over and Edit Default Config files to /etc/shorewall/; 4.3 Copy over the required Macros to /etc/shorewall/; 4.4 Create a custom macro.Munin (if required) Linux Configure Firewall Using Shorewall Under RHEL Dec 20, 2012

There is also a special firewall zone which represents the firewall itself. The firewall can access any other zone. Each network interface with a configured role is a firewall zone. Roles are mapped to Shorewall zones as: green -> loc; red -> net; blue -> blue; orange -> orang (in Shorewall, a zone name can’t be longer than 5 chars) firewall

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Shorewall - A High-Level Firewall for Configuring Linux

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